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Welcome to Cosmopole.Showroom

Our space is designed for those who value privacy and exceptional personal service.

Cosmopole.ShowRoom allows you to

  • Pick up, Exchange and Return your online order at no charge
  • Try on your favorite pole brands and Cosmopole Boots
  • Book a pole for ‘me time’, one on one private or photo/video shoot


Our Show Room offers a 13 foot 45mm stainless steel pole, smooth clean laminate floor, mirror and variety of lighting options. Create your own vibe in our private, cozy place.

1 hour $25

5 hours $110 ($22 per hour)*
10 Hours $200 ($20 per hour)*

*Unused hours expire 3 months from the first visit

Video/Photo Shoots

Book your next photo or video shoot at Cosmopole.Showroom. Our space is designed to inspirit each dancer’s beauty and creativity. We provide easy & free parking, private entrance, and welcoming environment.


We all love online shopping, but sometimes we need to feel the texture, touch the fabric, understand the fit and grip. Cosmopole.Showroom is here for you to satisfy all these needs and to help you save your time and money on returns, exchanges and deliveries.

To schedule your shopping appointment email us at

Find us at:

10019 Canoga Ave
Chatsworth, CA 91311
United States