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Exotic Marathon

Intermediate & up

Taste all ‘50 shades’ of Exotic Styles

Kipflops – kipping pole moves and flop/roll down variations. Broken down and put into a killer choreo combo by Tilly E (now do both sides)

Hard & Power – learn fast choreography full of breathtaking moves such as Drops, Kips, Power Spins, Jumps, crazy ways of getting in and out of tricks with Sasha Meow

Flow – in flow workshop main attention will be given to legwork, fluidity, transitions between exotic tricks and floorwork, elegant moves and unique beautiful shapes. Instructor:  Elena Anishchenko

Butts & Guts (no pole) add this class to your weekly routine become Exotic kind of strong with Katherine Voo

Signature Style – Bentley Rebel has his own eye-catching style. Explore his very special fluidity and learn yummy choreographed routine from the master.