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Pre Intermediate & Up

Allow yourself a little Extra… activity, sensuality & joy

Shapeshifter – learn how to marry tricks, move gracefully and create funky shapes on static pole. Build grounded pole combinations while adding a twist to foundational movement in your unique voice.  Sasja Fierce

Lines & Techniques – it’s all about details: archive total control of your body while looking flawless and flowy with Estefania Jimenez

Beginner/Intermediate Heels – this choreo-based class allows you to learn how to walk in heels, create shapes and lines, whip your hair and balance in heels, while making it look good. Presented by Mark Daftari

Russian Exotic – Learn this style from a true Russian girl – Elena Anishchenko. Explore full range of crazy flips, stylish pivots, split drops and learn how to incorporate all this madness into one Hell of a Choreo