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Classic Exotic – clean style of sexy, graceful with a focus on fluidity and flexibility. Learn everything about seductive movement with Verka4

Beginner Heels (no pole) – learn the basics of walking, moving, and posing like a pro from Harmony Costa. Perfect introduction for anyone who dreams of dancing in heels.   

Pilates – Michelle Anderson will introduce you to the main principles of Pilates, where key benefit is an increase in muscle strength primarily focused on the core muscles, as well as shoulders, arms, legs, and feet.  

Pole Ballet – this low impact, high energy class will get your heart pumping. Learn proper ballet technique, sweat out calories and tone your body with Priscilla Zortea

Stretch – work on your active and passive flexibility in legs, hips, shoulders, and the spine building towards front and side splits and a beautiful backbend. Instructor: Elena Anishchenko