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Magic January

Pre Intermediate & Up

Trust the Magic of New Beginning! This is a sigh to try new things in your life

Contemporary Pole – Brandon Grimm is one of the most talented choreographers in pole industry. His Contemp made up of pole spins & transitions combined with elements of modern and ballet dance.

Double Sided Exotic – it’s same well-known Exotic style, performed on BOTH sides. Yes, it includes dancing on your less fabulous side. Get to a new level with Elena Anishchenko

Pole Choreograpthy – Sassy Ress’s style focuses heavily on musicality and her routines would always have a good mix of slow movements, low flow transitions, and syncopated pops & hits.

Static Pole Combos – build beautiful combos, seamless transitions and work on spins on static with Wonder Woman Nancy

Upright & Upside Down Spins – blend in climbs, spins & funky shapes, build your strength and coordination with Wendy Lee.