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Upcoming Stars

This month is special not only you can learn some amazing, fresh combos and flows but also you can support New Artist in our beginner friendly program ‘Upcoming Stars’

Floor & Couch Choreo – get comfortable rolling from the bed to the dance floor with Connie Xu. You will learn how to do hypnotic leg swirls and flowy transitions to add a sensual accent to your dance routine.

Intro to Russian Flow – this Choreo class will focus on dynamic direction changes, challenge your endurance, and enhance your attention to details within your own flow. Heels & knee pads are highly encouraged! Have water close buy and be ready to WERK with Poler Abi.

Beginners Stretch with Marina Kiss – Medium intensity stretch class, combines active, passive and pnf strenching techniques.

Low Flow Trix – dynamic moves and short combos of moves that you can use in choreo routine to spice it up. Transitions from the pole to the floor, combinations of turns, jumps and beginner friendly tricks, which will look nice and sexy with heels.

Pole Choreo – by learning a unique and inventive choreography created by Vikka you will work on your elasticity, coordination, and conveying emotions, while gaining strength and agility to develop a fluid pole flow.
Heels are optional, knee pads are required.